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A business owner is shaken but unharmed after a man described as mentally ill threatened he had a bomb while robbing her store on Wednesday.

Just after 10:30 a.m., a 22-year-old man entered Juniper Market and immediately began acting violently.

"He ripped apart a few things in the store and told me to get behind the counter," said market owner Cheralyn Leggett, who said she'd never seen the man before.

He then demanded cash, claiming he had a bomb.

"I could tell that he was holding something but I couldn't see what it was," said Leggett. "I could see that it had a glass appearance at the top. But he had his fist wrapped around it so I couldn't tell."

Leggett said she handed the man less than $1,000 cash before he ordered her to get down behind the counter again.

The man then fled toward the nearby Kamloops Bike Ranch, where police quickly apprehended him and recovered the cash.

Reports indicate the suspect threatened to harm himself before scratching his neck with a piece of glass. Blood was drawn, but the wound appeared superficial as police walked him out of the bush and into an RCMP vehicle. He was nonetheless brought to Royal Inland Hospital for treatment, according to a RCMP press release.

"The male is known to the police and with a history of mental illness problems in the past," states the release.

He will be held in custody pending approval of robbery charges.

Thieves targeted the location about six months ago when the market's ATM machine was stolen, but Leggett said she'd never experienced an armed robbery.

She said she was shaken and was "ready to go to yoga."

The business will now overhaul its security measures, said Leggett.

"We'll review all that protocol."

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